Making the invisible, visible.

by maelaelsa

The term information graphic or infographic refers to visual representations of data and information. The purpose of these graphics is to communicate large amounts of complex information effortlessly in an easy to read diagram (Newsom & Haynes 2004)

For example, the London Underground Map has the ability to rapidly convey accurate information to the traveller. The use of colour is particularly important, as a commuter is able to instantly identify where they are or where they need to be. Additionally, commuters are able to see whether the station on one line is within walking distance of the station on another line. This information would be very difficult to communicate without this data visualisation.

The London Underground Map

This next infographic seeks to explain the concept of a data visualisation.  The graphic uses a broad spectrum of colours that represent the combination of disciplines with elements and processes, arriving at the conclusion that data visualization is a combination of form, concept and knowledge.



Newsom, D. and Haynes, J. (2004). Public Relations Writing: Form and Style. p.236.