How Does It All Weigh Up?

by maelaelsa

The way information is presented is almost as crucial as the information itself.

The second assessment required us to deliver a five minute presentation to our tutorial class regarding the visualisation we had created. The aim of the project was to make an invisible process visible through a data visualisation.

Rachel and I developed a visualisation to explain the interrelationship between energy intake and energy expenditure, an internal, and thus, invisible process. Although, we have the methods of measuring this process, the data generated is often difficult to interpret and implicate in everyday life. Generally, we cannot perceive the visual effects of this process until the equilibrium is lost between energy input and output (i.e. negative energy balance  = weight loss, positive energy balance = weight gain).

To collate the data for our visualisation we used the Adidas MiCoach system, which includes a heart rate monitor, speed sensor and pace bundle, to measure the immediate physiological responses of a 20-year-old female during four different exercise classes.
The data visualisation would be of interest to a health and lifestyle public, however,  its core is relevant to all human beings as it addresses a natural and fundamental bodily process.